Sanctuary of Enlightenment

The Sanctuary of Enlightenment
is a place of inspiration, healing and self discovery. 
Reiki courses and treatments
Paintings and craftwork,
Jewellery made with natural semiprecious stones
are all inspired by the natural world
and bring a sense of wellbeing and inner peace.

We are very near the beautiful fields and open spaces of Lloyd Park, Croydon
where you can wander during course lunch breaks to ground yourself,
commune with the birds, trees, and touch Mother Earth.

East Croydon Station is just 15 minutes from Victoria Station, London
and easily accessible from Gatwick Airport and the M25


Crystal Indulgence

Crystal Indulgence

Jewellery Collection

Beautiful jewellery to take your breath away.
Made with semiprecious beads, and fine silver. 
Each piece is unique
designed and created by artist
Anne Collingwood


Open Days

to be announced